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What is Mason Maps Online?

It is a service that allows users to view the Hodge Mason Ownership Maps or Montgomery and Brazoria Counties, access property ownership information online through our sophisticated search engine.

What is the price structure for this service?

User Type Service Duration Fee Commitment
Per Occasion

(Coming Soon) 30 minutes  

$19.95 / per occasion + tax  


1 Subscriber

24 Hr, 7 Days/Week

$91 / month + tax

1 Year

2 Subscribers 24 Hr, 7 Days/Week $137 / month + tax 1 Year
3 Subscribers 24 Hr, 7 Days/Week $183 / month + tax 1 Year
4 or more Subscribers Please call for pricing    

  System Requirements
  •  Windows 98 or greater
  •  Internet Explorer 6.0
  •  A screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater
  How does it work?
After signing on for this service the user will be able to access the maps and property data online.

Once the user has logged in, they will be able to view any map within the Montgomery and Brazoria County area.  The user will also be able to search for property data information about any land tract within the county.

  How can I search for property ownership information?
There are many ways that a user can search for property ownership information.  The first way involves querying based on the abstract number, division number, and tract. The second involves the lot and subdivision. The third way involves the owner's name.
  What information does the property data search engine contain?
  •  Name and address of owner
  •  Address of property
  •  Tax names and rates that apply to specified property
  •  Acres
  •  Deed number
  •  Improvement values
  •  Land Value
  •  Assessed Value
  Can I print the information collected by the search engine?
The property data information can be printed for the user.  This may include a detailed description of each tax that is assessed and the specific rate levied.
  What else can I print?
The user will be able to print a viewable portion of any map.

  Will I be able to view my transaction information online?

There will be a log that can be accessed by the user that records all activities on the site including the number of prints made and the amount of time spent using the service.



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Telephone: 713-781-5563