Aerial Photos

Aerial and Satellite Photos

We offer NAPP-NHAP Aerial Photographs and Google Satellite Images. The Aerial Photographs are available in color and black/white. These Aerial Photographs are printed 30”x 36” & 36”x 48” and a digital image of the Aerial is also provided on CD (approx. 400 Mb). We do not stock any of these Aerial Photographs as they are downloaded. Aerial Photographs are for the most part from the 1950’ to Present’, depending of the source and are available for most of United States.

Goggle satellite images are produced on-demand and are printed within a 20 to 25 minute wait.




Historical Aerial Photographs are also available for an additional fee and for the most part we have been able to search various archives and find black/white as far back into the late 50’s.

Identification for the right or precise Aerial Photograph is always our goal before placing an order. Please provide us with key information as to the geographic location of the property as to, size (acreage), latitude/longitude if available, road frontage, distance in miles from towns or road intersections, power lines, creeks, or any other useful features that will help us identify the accurate Aerial Photograph.

The cost of the Aerial Photograph is $155, includes a 30”x 36” print and a CD (approx. 400 Mb) of the Aerial Image, the 36”x 48” print is $30 more. Historical Aerial Photographs have an additional research fee of $50.