Greater Houston

Greater Houston Wall Maps

This Houston Map shows all or part of 14 Counties around the Harris County and the City of Houston area. Included are features such as Freeway and Highway Systems, Primary and Secondary Roads and Street Names. Also included are County Boundaries, City Limits, Railroads, and bodies of water such as Rivers, Creeks and Lakes.

This Houston Map covers from the Cities of College Station and Brenham in the Northwest, Huntsville in the North and Livingston in the Northeast, to Dayton & Baytown in the West, Lake Jackson and Freeport in the South to Wharton and Bay City in the Southwest corner of the map.

Our Greater Houston Wall Map is 100% customizable and can be adapted to any particular request. We can add your Corporate Name and Logo to the map and any other information relevant to your business, such as radial distances, symbols, color coded territories, color coded locations as well as numbered. This Wall Maps is also available with ZipCodes.

Greater Houston Wall Map

24 x 30 (Paper) $34.95
24 x 30 (Laminated) $54.95
36 x 45 (Paper) $44.95
36 x 45 (Laminated) $69.95
60 x 72 (Laminated) $165.95